Start Up Request

By signing off below you are ensuring your jobsite is 100% ready for our stat up crew. Understand it is very costly to Airo if you submit for startup, we allot 2 service techs to your job for the day, and you are not ready. “Radar placeholder” will not be dispatched until this ticket is created. 

  • Guidelines for Requesting Start Ups are below. All fields must be completed
    • Outside temp
    • Permenant Power is on (Not Temp Power)
    • Hot checks
    • Thermostats Wired
    • AH Wired
    • Condensers Wired
    • All Units Under Pressure
    • Any GC paperwork ready and in order for startup crew when they arrive
    • Freon on site for start ups
    • Location of Freon
    • Notes (Important info to translate to service team)