Service and Repair Policy

Non-refundable Fee Policy

$185.00 non-refundable service fee will be charged in the event of the following:

For warranty service requests:

  • Failure of property maintenance personnel to perform the required pre-checks. See the Warranty Service Request Guidelines below for the full list of pre-checks.
  • Neglect of routine maintenance.

For all service requests:

  • Lack of access to residence or equipment at time of appointment.
  • Inability of on-call, regular maintenance personnel or property management to reasonably accommodate Airo Mechanical service technician’s schedule.
  • No faults found.
  • Failure to notify Airo Mechanical of issue resolution at least 24 hours in advance of scheduled appointment.

By submitting the Airo Mechanical Service Request the requestor acknowledges that they agree and fully understand the above service request guidelines. Additional charges will apply if service is performed by Airo Mechanical or its representatives that is not covered under workmanship or manufacturer warranty.


Warranty Service Request Guidelines

The below checks are an important part of your property’s maintenance requirement and should be performed on a regular schedule. Failure to follow a maintenance schedule could result in equipment failure and also void the warranty on the equipment.​​ By submitting the service request, the requestor verifies that the required pre-checks were performed by maintenance personnel, that the personnel are suitably certified, trained and qualified, and follow industry standard HVAC diagnostic procedures. The following pre-checks are required by maintenance personnel:

Filter check/change: Make sure that the filter is clean, if a pleated filter is used, make sure that the filter is not too dense and obstructing the air flow.
Drain obstructions: ​Make sure that the drain is clean and that the float switch in the drain pan is not tripped. A presence of water in the drain pan is an indicator.
Main power/circuit breaker check: Make sure that you have main power to the unit. Check for a tripped breaker and the outdoor disconnect is in place and secure.
Thermostat settings: Make sure that the thermostat is on, that the resident understands the operation and that the thermostat has not been mistakenly mis-configured. Verify that the outdoor unit is not in delay, a flashing degree symbol or a flashing mode (cool or heat) on the thermostat indicates this.
Coils clean – indoor/outdoor: Make sure that the evaporator coil (indoor) and the condenser (outdoor) coils are clean.
Damage: Verify that there is no damage such as wiring breaks due to landscaping or pets or accidental damage to the outdoor coil.
Electrical connections secure: Verify that electrical connections to thermostat, contactor, etc. are in place and secure.