What Are the Most Important Rooms to Have an Air Purifier in?

If you live in a city or near a busy road, pollutants might be building up in your home. Having an air purifier running can remove dangerous particulates from the air and improve the overall condition of the indoor atmosphere. Properly placing air purification equipment can allow for maximum efficiency.

Considerations for an Air Purifier

Smaller homes with open floor plans can sometimes get by with a single air purifier in a central location. Depending on the volume of your house, you may need multiple units. Placing these units strategically can lead to maximum air purification. You’ll want to make sure that each region of your home has an appropriately sized air purifier.

Choosing Your Rooms

The rooms that receive the most use should get an air purifier. Bedrooms are occupied for many hours each night, and they’re ideal locations for units. Areas of your home that are used often, such as your kitchen or living room, are also candidates for a purifier. These devices will be able to get rid of a wide variety of particulates that are tracked into your home from the outside or created by day-to-day living.

Whole-House Air Purifiers

If you have a large house with several different rooms, a whole-house purifier could be the best option for clean air. These are installed as part of your HVAC system and deliver clean and purified air through the existing ducts. Technicians from Airo Mechanical in Statesville, can properly install a whole-house air purifier in your home.

A Trusted HVAC Company

Airo Mechanical is committed to offering comprehensive HVAC services throughout the Statesville area. We can install, repair or maintain any type of AC or heating system. Our conscientious and skilled team is also highly experienced with a variety of indoor air quality solutions. Since 2005, we have exceeded the expectations of our customers. Find out more about our locally owned and operated company by calling us today.

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