Warning Signs You Need Furnace Repair

Your furnace is the heart of your Statesville, North Carolina, home and what help keeps your home comfortable no matter the outside temperature. Unfortunately, sometimes, your furnace may be in need of repair or maintenance to keep it functioning as efficiently as possible. If you notice any of the signs listed below, you will want to place a call with a trusted service technician.

1. You Notice Odd Smells Coming From Your System

Your furnace may be signaling a need for repair with the odors that it gives off. Burning smells that linger after a few moments of turning your system on could be an indication that there are electrical problems or bad wiring. If you notice the smell of rotten eggs, you likely have a gas leak and should turn off your system, open the windows, and leave your home immediately before calling it in for repair.

2. You Hear Odd Sounds

While your furnace may make some noises during operation, especially if it is older, any unusual or loud noises should be investigated. Rattling noises can be a signal that bearings or other small parts have come loose and are moving around the system, possibly damaging other parts. If you hear squealing noises, your system probably needs to have some lubrication or a belt replaced. Banging noises can mean problems with the ignition and can be dangerous if left unresolved.

3. Your Airflow Is Weak

If you notice reduced airflow coming from the vents in your home, it could mean one of the multiple concerns with your furnace. Poor airflow can be a sign of clogged ducts, belts or motor problems. Poor airflow will not improve the longer you wait, so it is important to have an HVAC technician diagnose and remedy the problem before it leads to a breakdown.

Contact an HVAC Professional for Your Statesville HVAC Needs

Don’t wait for a small problem to turn into a large one. If you notice any of these signs that your furnace is in need of a repair like those listed, contact Airo Mechanical today to allow one of our professionally trained HVAC specialists to determine your furnace problem.

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