The Best Way to Cool Older Homes

If your home doesn’t have a central HVAC system with ductwork in place, it can be difficult to keep it cool during the summer. There are several ways that you can keep the air in your home comfortable when outside temperatures start to rise.

1. Importance of Insulation

Having proper insulation in your home is one of the most cost-effective ways to keep temperatures cool during the summer. Adding extra insulation to the ceiling or attic portion of your home can keep the energy baking your roof from being transferred into your living space.

2. Passive Cooling Options

It’s important to keep as much sunlight out of your home as possible so that it doesn’t directly heat the air. The sun’s rays can enter through various windows and cause a drastic increase in the temperature of your home. Keeping shades drawn and blinds down during the day will prevent the heat from raising your interior temperature. Opening windows and doors in the mornings and evenings when it’s cooler outside can also let comfortable air enter your home while hot air gets flushed out. Keeping doors and windows closed when it’s hot will keep warm air out.

3. Install a Mini-Split System

Modern mini-split air conditioning systems can cool large areas without the use of a central duct system. These small units are mounted high on walls in different rooms of your home and can operate in a highly energy-efficient manner. Technicians from Airo Mechanical can get new units installed anywhere in Statesville.

Trusted HVAC Company

In Statesville, NC, Airo Mechanical is a locally owned and operated company ready for any type of heating or cooling repair, replacement or maintenance assignment. We also offer a variety of plumbing services. We’re BBB-accredited and proud to have more than 25 years of experience. Although we work on any make or model, our company is a Rheem dealer, and we can provide flexible financing options on approved credit for an installation project. We also offer indoor air quality assessments and solutions. Find out more about how we could serve your climate comfort needs in Statesville by calling Airo Mechanical today.

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