5 Ways to Help Your Furnace Handle Extremely Cold Weather

The extremely low-temperature months of winter are almost here, which means you and your family will be spending more time indoors. To keep your house warm and habitable, you will have to rely on your furnace. In preparation for this, we recommend that you consider fine-tuning your furnace to ensure it can handle extremely cold weather. Here are some expert tips on how to help your furnace handle the winter weather.

1. Cleaning the Air Filters

The freezing cold temperatures of winter mean that your furnace needs to be in good condition. Cleaning the air filters helps ensure that heat is effectively exchanged and transferred across the air duct systems. A clogged air filter will impede the transfer of such heat and thereby render the furnace ineffective.

2. Setting the Thermostat Correctly

It is a common practice in winter for people living in Statesville and the surrounding areas to consider lowering the thermostat temperature setting when they are not in their houses. When there are extremely low temperatures and you come back to crank up the thermostat setting to raise the temperature, the thermostat may fail to perform as expected. Leaving the thermostat at a set temperature without altering it daily ensures that the furnace functions correctly.

3. Keeping the Vents Clear

Vents are crucial in keeping the furnace in your home functioning correctly during the extreme temperatures of winter. The fact that we remain indoors most of the time can leave these vents unattended to and probably clogged with snow and ice. To prevent such an occurrence, it is important to consider cleaning the vents and inspecting them on a daily basis.

4. Preparing Your House Accordingly

In preparation for the winter weather, it is important to undertake some basic repairs on your home, such as sealing the windows and doors accordingly. Repairing any cracks and vents that may have formed in the summer helps prevent the unwanted exchange of air between the house’s interior and exterior.

5. Furnace Maintenance

The surest way to make sure your furnace can handle the low temperatures of winter is to invest in regular maintenance. For people in North Carolina and the surrounding states, Airo Mechanical is your reliable partner. Our heating, ventilation, and air conditioning experts are sure to keep your furnace functioning correctly this winter. Contact us today for a comprehensive furnace inspection, repair, and maintenance.

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