What Heating Systems Are Best For The Environment?

Some home heating systems are more environmentally responsible than others. Choosing an environmentally friendly system can have a dramatic effect on reducing your carbon footprint. Here are some good choices for heating your home.

Geothermal Heating

This heating system is efficient and environmentally friendly. It uses the heat contained deep underground to supply your house with warmth. It is an expensive system to install but pays off long-term with reduced energy bills. In general, it takes about eight years for this system to pay for itself. It sends off little in the way of greenhouse gas emissions.

Passive Solar Heating

Depending on how your home is situated, you can take advantage of the sun to increase the temperature in your house. Open your blinds on days where the sun can shine through, which will heat your residence for free. The best windows to open the blinds on are south-facing ones. If you have stone or concrete floors, they absorb and retain heat, releasing it into your home once it is dark outside.

Heat Pumps

This heating system has become increasingly popular in recent years. Heat pumps are used to heat your house and can be used to heat water too. They can be thought of as the opposite of a refrigerator. They take heat from the ground and air, boost it to the right temperature, and send it into your residence. This system works even when the ground is frozen.

Solar Power

The cost of solar panels has come down dramatically in the past decade. They can not only save you money but might also make you money, as your utility company may pay you for the excess energy they create. In addition, they do not create any greenhouse gases.

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