Can Rain Damage My AC System? Can I Prevent It?

While it is perfectly safe to use an air conditioner while it’s raining outside, heavy rain could lead to system damage. Let’s take a look at the risks that an air conditioner faces when it’s exposed to moisture and the possibility of rain damage.

Standing Water Can Harm a Compressor

Air conditioner compressor units are designed to withstand both light and heavy rainfall. However, if a flood occurs, it could result in an air conditioner being exposed to water for long periods of time. That can be bad news for motors or metal components that could be vulnerable to corrosion. If you experience flooding on your property, call Airo Mechanical in Statesville for help. We can inspect all HVAC components to ensure that they work properly. Furthermore, we can maintain and repair any cooling component that needs service.

Debris Can Cause Lots of Damage Inside and Out

It is possible that strong winds or flood waters could carry debris into the air conditioner unit itself. It could also throw objects such as wooden planks or outdoor furniture at the unit as well. This may lead to the outside of the unit experiencing significant damage that could reduce its overall effectiveness. If debris does get into the unit, it could wreak havoc with motors or other small electrical parts inside.

Protect Your AC From Bad Weather by Off-Season Tarping

It is important to understand that motors or other internal electrical parts are protected from rain by a series of covers. However, it may also be a good idea to cover the unit with a tarp or a piece of cardboard if you expect significant weather to occur in your area. This may provide an extra layer of protection that could minimize or eliminate the chances of serious damage after a severe thunderstorm or other severe weather events. Better safe than sorry.

The next time that you need help with your air conditioner, give us a call right away! In addition to air conditioners, we can work on furnaces and other heating units to ensure that your home is always comfortable. We are pleased to be a top company in Statesville for cooling and heating services. Contact Airo Mechanical for assistance today.

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