3 Ways to Clean Your Furnace

A dirty furnace isn’t up for the important task of heating a home. While all that dirt and soot inside the unit might not detract from appearances, they do drag down the furnace’s performance. So, cleaning out the system becomes necessary when you want desirable performance.

1. Vacuum Out the Dirt

The suction from a vacuum can remove tons of debris found inside the system. Besides dirt and dust, cobwebs and more won’t overcome the suction. There are attachments capable of reaching hidden spots inside the furnace, although the vacuums utilized by a professional team are best-suited for the job. Airo Mechanical brings the right equipment and technicians to furnace jobs in Statesville, NC, and surrounding areas.

2. Upgrade the Filter

The filter serves as a built-in mechanism for keeping dirt and other not-so-nice things from circulating through the furnace and your home. While not perfect, things would be far worse without them. A filter only lasts so long, though, before it can’t do its job anymore. Once the filter becomes too old or too dirty, get rid of it. Put a new one in its place and restore maximum filter performance.

3. Wipe Out the Dirt

A common way to clean anything involves using a damp cloth with a little soap on it to wipe things down. You can apply the same process to a furnace. Adhere to smart and acceptable steps for safety when performing this task. Also, don’t expect to clean out the heater with a damp towel thoroughly. The limitations are apparent, but wiping away some of the dirt is better than doing nothing at all.

Contact a Professional Cleaner

Sometimes, a job is best left to the professionals. When you want the job done as best as possible, contact a company that specializes in HVAC work. Ask about an annual cleaning to make sure nothing ends up overlooked when cleaned.

Keep your furnace running efficiently. Airo Mechanical of Statesville is ready to send someone to do the job. Just call our offices at your earliest convenience. Learn the ways we can help you with your heating, cooling, and plumbing needs.

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