3 Reasons to Have a Professional Check Your HVAC System

Most homes have such an airtight quality that it’s almost always necessary to run the heating or cooling system at any given time of the year for comfort. Problems with your HVAC system can spell disaster for maintaining an indoor temperature that’s acceptable during the hot summer months or the bitter cold of winter. Here are three instances when calling in a professional repair technician is a must.

1. Your HVAC System Won’t Turn On or Off

As long as your HVAC system has a working source of energy to generate the cool air or heat you need, it should respond to your turning it on or off through the thermostatic control. When this fails to happen, it is a sign that you need professional HVAC help. It could be a faulty thermostat or a deeper problem with the HVAC unit itself.

2. You Hear Strange or Loud Noises

HVAC units do make some noise when they are in operation. The sign to look for that could spell an impending breakdown is unusual and loud sounds the unit has never made before. A rattling or squealing sound can be a problem with the fan or bearings. Compressors can also become loud before a failure. Call in an experienced technician at Airo Mechanical to find out what the sound is and if you need a repair.

3. Your Heating or Cooling Bill Is Too High

Your heating and cooling costs should stay relatively consistent and reasonable if your HVAC unit is running efficiently. One red flag that your system is in need of a serious repair or replacement is a sudden increase in your heating or cooling costs. A dramatic rise in your energy bill that is caused by heating or cooling the home is a sign that the unit is worn and should be retired.

Our heating and cooling specialists are happy to come out and determine what the problem is and get your system in Statesville up and running again. Call Airo Mechanical today and schedule an appointment for service or get more information about the HVAC products we carry and install. We also offer multifamily plumbing work in addition to multifamily HVAC services.

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