Heating Maintenance in Mooresville, NC

Quality Heating Tune-Ups

Airo Mechanical is a heating maintenance company serving the Mooresville, NC, area. We maintain high standards and value ongoing education and training for our whole team to continue offering you the best in service.. We’re proud to have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. We are also a Rheem factory authorized dealer, which is another indicator of our quality furnace maintenance service. Our licensed technicians can tune any brand of furnace you have.

At Airo Mechanical, we offer Mooresville residents preventative maintenance agreements that make it easy to keep up with tune-ups. Mooresville is a large town where the temperature falls below 32 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter. Enjoy a warm home throughout these cold months by scheduling furnace maintenance in autumn or as soon as possible.

Benefits of working with us:
  • Fast scheduling
  • Credible heating company
  • Positive customer reviews
  • Same-day scheduling sometimes available
  • Diligent technicians

Furnace Maintenance Service

We recommend scheduling furnace maintenance in early autumn to prepare your heating system for heavy use. If it’s already winter, however, and you haven’t had maintenance in a year, we urge you to schedule maintenance now. Your furnace is more likely to break down when it hasn’t received maintenance in over a year. Its internal components experience wear and tear through operation.

Certain components need lubrication to correctly function. Over time, they lose lubrication and need to be re-lubricated. Lubrication of moving parts is a key task included in professional heating maintenance. Airo Mechanical technicians complete all tasks required during preventative maintenance in Mooresville without cutting corners.

Other important tasks involved in furnace maintenance service:
  • Inspection of the furnace
  • Cleaning the burners, heat exchanger and other internal parts
  • Tightening loose or disconnected electrical connections
  • Confirming the safety mechanisms are still working
  • Replacing worn parts

If your air filter is in need of changing, we’ll even do that for you. Remember to keep up with air filter changes based on your manufacturer’s recommendations. This simple task can save you from heating problems like weak airflow, cool air and poor efficiency. Lack of annual heating maintenance can also lead to these same heating problems. The inevitable buildup of dust and grime inside the furnace impairs its performance.

Depend on Us for Maintenance

You can rely on Airo Mechanical for quality heating maintenance in the Mooresville area. We have state-licensed technicians who continue training to stay on top of industry changes. No matter what make and model your furnace is, we know how to tune it. Airo Mechanical works fast and can sometimes show up the same day to tune your heating system in Mooresville.

We have over 25 years of experience and have earned a positive reputation through setting high standards for ourselves. Give us a call today to schedule your maintenance visit. Not looking for heating maintenance? We also offer heating repairs, installations, and even cooling maintenance services!