Dual Trade

Double the Benefits

Get the best of both worlds by contracting Airo Mechanical to fulfill your HVAC and Plumbing needs as a package-deal. Our clients have found that by “bundling” trades, continuity increases on each individual project, thus improving efficiency and saving money.

Twice the Coverage

Both trades are represented by their own Superintendent on each jobsite, giving you twice the coverage than most of our competitors. We may also be able to provide an overall cost-savings for your project if we are selected for both trades on your next project.

Experienced and Qualified Team

Our Superintendents’ depth of experience equips them with the tools needed to accomplish your construction goals everyday. Each team member has a passion for their trade and takes personal ownership of each and every project they are assigned to.

All Types of Multifamily Construction

Airo specializes in a variety of Multifamily construction styles, including:

  • Garden-Style/Walk-up
  • Podium/Deck-Wrap
  • Mixed-Use
  • Senior Housing
  • Student Housing